Senior Sirens FAQs

Why an agency?

An agency looks after many companions and tries to match the interest of everyone involved.

There are of course many different reasons why certain escorts decide to join an agency.
Some of the few motives but nevertheless important examples are mentioned below:

- No need to answer constant phone calls...
- No need to spend money on advertising...
- Knowledge that someone is aware of whom she is with, and so on...

To this day, each and every Escort has joined this organisation on her own account.

It should be obvious to any sensible gentleman that the financial affairs for companions operating through an agency are always a touch more ‘expensive’ than escorts advertising independently. Should you resent paying that ‘little extra’ for this work, please be fair and do not waste your nor my time in calling Senior Sirens.

Should you decide to deal with this organisation, please apply your integrity and do not ask the escort to give you her direct contact details and in reverse, do not provide your own.
If you did request such details, not only would you impact upon my livelihood, you would also seriously affect that of the escort in question, as I have no time for any disloyal/dishonest members of my team.

How genuine are the photos, statistics (i.e. age) and services?

Each companion has been interviewed and screened to my exact requirements.

Our ‘Girls’ are from all walks of life and of course available in all shapes and sizes. A few of our ladies are strictly part time courtesans, due to work either in a responsible 9-5+ position, or studying as a MATURE student at one of London’s Universities.

I can vouch that all photos including mentioned statistics are genuine and accurately portray the lady you are reading about. Though we strive to keep our photos true-to-life, sadly sometimes we have no control of pictures forwarded to us for use on our site and therefore cannot guarantee if the images have been touched up or not.
I feel you should know, that I refuse to fib concerning the ladies’ age. I do not see the point of doing so, as I only cater for gentlemen who prefer the delights of a mature companion.

Senior Sirens service standards are high and all our companions are friendly and give good value for money.

Often it can indeed be a delicious adventure to be able to escape via a brief liaison in the more than often secret world of one’s senses.
At Senior Sirens, you can choose a companion within her 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80's.

To make your experience with one of our MATURE escorts complete, I find it important to be truthful and fair to the ‘Girls’ and clients alike.

Each escort on this site is in her own right a woman for all occasions:
...For Lunch & Dinner dates, for Galleries, for Theatre, for Opera, for special Social Calendar events like Ascot and Henley,
or indeed, nearly anything your heart desires...

Ummm... Hygiene?

For a genuine gentleman, who is a clean and all-round ‘appetising’ fellow, there will be no problem in finding a part-time ‘girlfriend’ with all the required attributes he could wish for.

It goes without saying, Senior Sirens escorts follow a strict code of hygiene, to be your ‘fresh forbidden fruit’ during a delicious, discreet close encounter.

Call Helga? Text Helga? Email Helga?

You can always be assured of my honest advice which is mixed with a healthy dose of Teutonic directness, which you must not misunderstand as being rude!

Currently we do not offer any email services but call or text me, and I will be delighted to help you with any query as much as I can.

Mondays to Fridays from 10:00hrs to 18:30hours.
Meetings outside above times are always welcome, but must be pre-arranged during office hours.
Weekend availability at mine and each lady’s circumstances.

What is the difference between Incall and Outcall Services?

An Incall Service is a meeting at the escort’s residence.
For an Incall encounter, I require your first name and also your mobile/cellphone number.

An Outcall service, involves a visit by your chosen companion, either at your home or hotel.
For an Outcall appointment to your home, I require your real full name, address with complete postcode and a landline number which is registered and corresponds with your name and domicile.

For an Outcall get together to your hotel, again I require your real full name which has to correspond with the hotel’s data on you, and in some cases I have to ask for your Hotel Booking Reference number, including your hotel’s full address and contact number.

A visit to your home or hotel will require the above details for verification purposes only and if the details are not consistent we are sadly unable to honour your request.

Kindly bear in mind, Outcall services involve travel expenses and time, therefore the rates for a rendezvous to your hotel or home is always higher than if you would visit your chosen companion at her boudoir.

How much notice is required for arranging an appointment?

For Incall Services:
Most ladies need for their Incall services, between 1 to 2 hours notice, while others may require up to 1 days notification.
Any appointment before 13:00 hours has to be pre-arranged at least 4-12 hours in advance.

Early (am) meetings could commence from 10:00 hours onwards.
The last rendezvous of the day would usually commence around 22:00 hours, although it may be possible
to make special arrangements for a later appointment.

*Important: All late meetings must be pre-booked between 18:00 hours and 20:00 hours.*

For Outcall Services:
Most of the ladies are happy with 3-4 hours advance warning, but others may require,
due to personal circumstances, even up to 1 days notice.

It is advisable to give the ‘Blind Date’ of your choice, ample time to get ready, in making a generous allowance for
her travel time, to give her the chance to arrive at her destination as punctual as possible.

*Important: All late meetings must be pre-booked between 18:00 hours and 20:00 hours.*

To avoid any disappointment for Incall and Outcall requests, I strongly advise before calling:
- to browse through Senior Sirens online gallery and check thoroughly through the escort’s Availability Section
- in case your desired lady is unavailable at requested time and day, please advise us of two or three alternatives.

How is a booking made?

Simply call me with details concerning the lady of your choice, i.e. escorts name, time & day of desired rendezvous...

I will contact the companion in question and get back to you as soon as I can, to confirm your forthcoming encounter.

Please note, I never, ever arrange any meetings via text!

Is it possible to see a Senior Siren outside London/abroad?

Arrangements can be made with current clients and with a generous amount of notice.
International bookings are welcome from existing regular 'friends'.
New clients need to use the agency first in London to establish a relationship with us.
Please be aware there will be a minimum booking plus travel expenses subject to your location.

What are the financial affairs?

Please click on the link below to view full explanation on this matter.

Link to Financial Affairs page.

Are the financial affairs negotiable?

No matter who we are... what we do... or where we work... if a person feels ‘undersold’,
he or she is never able to give his or her very best.
Hence, our answer to your question will have to be a polite ‘NO’ which I am sure you understand and respect.

What are the payment options?

CASH in Pound Sterling is the only acceptable form of payment.
Unfortunately payment by cheque or Credit Cards are not welcome.

You are asked to hand your payment to your chosen companion within the very first 5 minutes of your meeting.

*Note, this payment is for her time with you.*

Can foreign currency be used?

We may take foreign currency BUT
any payment with foreign currency must be pre-arranged with Helga,
when you call for your initial meeting arrangements.

Are cancellations feasible?

Should you, for whatever reason, be unable to keep your appointment, please be so good and show your chosen companion including myself, that you are a considerate and well-bred gentleman, as you took the time via making a brief call, or sending a text, to cancel.


Should you, within the first 5 minutes of your meeting be 'called' away, it would be appreciated
if you would reimburse the lady in question with a minimum token of £50 cancellation-fee.

*This is for her time & effort in getting ready for you. This is for her time & effort in getting ready for you and keeping this requested appointment open.*

Is it possible to cancel due to lack of chemistry?

On every occasion I will try my very best to introduce you to a lady that is ideal for your desired rendezvous.

However, I do understand that on some very rare encounters it might be, that you realise a lack of
personal chemistry between the two of you.

In this unlikely event it would be appreciated, if you acted within the first 5 minutes, in telling politely the lady in question,
who will in turn telephone me and inform me of this unlucky situation. Before you part, be so good and reimburse the escort,
with a minimum token of £50.00 cancellation-fee.

*This is for her time and effort in getting ready for you.*

Please feel free to speak to me afterwards as I would always wish to find out the reasons why you felt this meeting did not work out.
This would help me tremendously in my efforts to improve our services, as I welcome any constructive praise and criticism.

Is any feedback welcome?

I believe in constructive praise and criticism.

I would therefore appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me regarding the conduct of your escort,
or even myself as the “receptionist,” before you do so with "others."
This is the only way I can improve the quality of my individual service to you, and this agency in general.
I also welcome feedback with regards to how the functionality of the website can be improved.

As I am an old fashioned girl, please bear in mind that I do not appreciate any pornographic comments.

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I thank you

For taking the time to read the above information on Senior Sirens.

I am looking forward to speaking to you in due course when it will be my pleasure in offering my genuine advice,
should there be any need, in helping you to find the ‘right girl’ for that special relaxing escape...

Helga x

I usually answer calls between

Mondays to Fridays from 10:00hrs to 18:30hrs.
Meetings outside above times are always welcome, but must be pre-arranged during office hours.
Weekend availability at mine and each lady’s discretion.

You can be assured of my tactfulness, but should I not be able to pick up as promptly as usual,
I am either already engaged with another caller, or in rare circumstances, with family or friends.

In this case, be so good and leave a text as it tends to be more discreet, fast and always reaches me.
Do not forget to mention your name, contact number including companion of your choice,
and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your co-operation.

We are just a phone call away...

+44 (0) 7961 - 45 46 45

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