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Senior Sirens companions are ALL professional escorts.
Any fee paid, is for your chosen lady's time and companionship only.
Anything else that occurs is a matter of choice, between two or more consenting adults of legal age.
Whatever is implied or inferred by any of the fantasies or contents within these pages is NOT to be taken as inducement for payment for anything else other than time and companionship with the lady of your choice.

We never knowingly oversell our services

If any of the companions listed with this organisation are advertised with any agency-competitor at a lower rate, please advise me of the details. I guarantee, that the companion in question will be available from this agency, at the same rate, for the same duration and service as seen or quoted elsewhere.

A Sample guide to our "Financial Affairs"

Rates for companions based OUTSIDE London, UK & Worldwide have to be arranged directly with Helga.

I try to help you as much as I can, to match the right lady for your desires as well as your budget.

It is important to consider, that the tariff for this agency’s companions time, differ from escort to escort.

A good example is the difference between the rates for Central London and the outskirts like Heathrow and Gatwick.
Senior Sirens' rates are fully inclusive. There are no hidden charges.

The following money matters are a guideline for the first hour of your chosen escort’s time:




London Companions
£200 up to £300
Within Central London
£250 up to £350
Periphery of London
£180 up to £250

Special packages are available at discounted rates for meetings of FOUR hours or more.

Negotiating Financial Affairs

No matter who we are... what we do... or where we work... if a person feels ‘undersold’, he or she is never able to give their very best.
Hence, our answer to your question will have to be a polite ‘NO’ which I am sure you understand and respect.

Payment Options

Rates for companions based OUTSIDE London, UK & Worldwide have to be arranged directly with Helga.

CASH in Pound Sterling is the only acceptable form of payment. Unfortunately payment by cheque or Credit Cards are not welcome.

You are asked to hand your payment to your chosen companion within the very first 5 minutes of your meeting.
Note, this payment is for her TIME with you.

Foreign Currency

We may take US Dollars and Euros.
But please note, any payment with foreign currencies i.e. US Dollars & Euros must be pre-agreed with Helga, when you call for your initial meeting arrangements.


For whatever reason, should you be unable to keep your appointment, please be so good and show your chosen companion including myself, that you are a considerate and well-bred gentleman, to cancel by making a brief call or by sending a text.


Should you, within the first 5 minutes of your meeting be 'called' away, it would be appreciated if you would reimburse the lady in question with a minimum token of £50 cancellation-fee.

This is for her time in getting ready for you and keeping this requested appointment open.

Cancellations due to lack of chemistry

On every occasion I will try my very best to introduce you to a lady that is ideal for your desired rendezvous.
However, I do understand that on some very rare encounters it might be, that you realise a lack of personal chemistry between the two of you.

In this unlikely event it would be appreciated, if you acted within the first 5 minutes, in telling politely the lady in question, who will in turn telephone me and inform me of this unlucky situation. Before you part, be so good and reimburse the escort, with a minimum token of £50 cancellation-fee. This is for her time in getting ready for you and keeping this requested appointment open.

Please feel free to speak to me afterwards

I would always wish to find out the reasons why you felt this meeting did not work out.
This would help me tremendously in my efforts to improve our services, as I welcome any constructive praise and criticism.

I usually answer calls between

Mondays to Fridays from 10:00hours to 18:30hours.
Meetings outside above times are always welcome, but must be pre-arranged during office hours.
Weekend availability at mine and each lady’s discretion.

You can be assured of my tactfulness, but should I not be able to pick up as promptly as usual, I am either already engaged with another caller, or in rare circumstances, with family or friends.

In this case, be so good and leave a text as it tends to be more discreet, fast and always reaches me.
Do not forget to mention your name, contact number including companion of your choice, and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your co-operation.

We are just a phone call away...

+44 (0) 7961 - 45 46 45

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